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Where Does The Ball Drop?

We hear many people tell us that we can do more, be more, achieve more, and live the life we want. Where does that ball drop? Where do people go from striving for business greatness to coasting day to day without quantum leaps? Is it a lack of goals? Is it a lack of motivation? Is it, for some, the seemingly repetitive days that keep them from working toward their goals? The questions can go on and on; we can even reflect and realize it is possibly the distractions we allow into our days that hinder our progress.

In the end, whatever reason you associate with your lack of achievement, we need to do some major and honest self-reflection to see where we’ve fallen short. More and more, it’s becoming clear, that when we don’t achieve our goals in business, it has a lot to do with not wanting to do the extra work that will make these goals attainable. If we were to transition this idea over You Have To Work For Your Dreamsto our personal life, it would look something like this.

We want to lose weight, yet we don’t exercise enough and continue to eat food that pollutes our body, saturate our arteries with fats, and if we do meet or see progress; we say things like “I can eat this, look at the progress I’ve made.” Yes, there is quantifiable evidence that we need to reward ourselves for goals or achievement landings (what I call progression). Also know, that this is the thinking that can hurt our overall achievement.

In our business lives, we have goals, quotas, performance markers like ROI’s and KPI’s that we manage very well, for both our clients and our teams. So why do so many people fall short on their personal ROI’s and KPI’s?

Let’s take sales for example. If you’re on commission and you can’t survive, where did that ball drop? Is it the product? (Most likely not, if it was, you’d simply sell something else) Is it your approach? (Again, if your strategy is not working, study and try a new one) Is it maybe your personality? (yet again, if it is your personality, why not start to shift it to make more sales?) Is it your lack of follow up? (It is a common challenge for a lot of salespeople, create a Teflon system to correct your lack of organization) Is it a lack of putting in more effort? hard Work Is Essential In Victory(ahh! Here is the point of this entire post)

Lack of dedication, effort and follow-through are the missing KPI’s if your sales are not where you want them to be. If the position your company hired you for is not meeting the required targets, ask yourself how much effort you’re putting into reaching the goals required.

Here is a question to ask yourself to determine if you’re striving toward your goals.

How much time have I put into learning everything I can about my position?

(If you’re in sales, how much time do you spend working on understanding clients needs, wants, and desires? How much time is devoted to understanding how we (people) make decisions? How long do you spend on perfecting your craft, sales proposition, or presenting skills in a week?)

Over the last two decades in sales, I can see clearly that most people lack the drive to do more, learn more, and work harder than their perceived competition. Lack of a persistent personal desire to be the best is the point where most drop the ball!

Joy to you!

Dan Deigan

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