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It’s All About Your Next Choice – Tugging At The Sales Chain

In this post, we’re going to have a conversation about both choice and your success. A dear friend and mentor Rico Racosky really knocked home this idea of choice and how it is the catalyst for every move we make. This might seem like it’s way out in left field, however, for a second think about every move you make in a day.

When you allow procrastination to set in and don’t pick up the phone to make that cold call. Is this a choice? Yes, it is! You might not consciously think that it is a direct choice you made, you might say something like

“I am just going to get coffee, then I’ll make that call.” This is procrastination! Plain and simple. Why not instead, have the driver and desire to tackle the most powerful fear you have today first thing in the morning? So if the dreaded “cold calling” is a fear of yours… By the way, there is no such thing as having a cold calling fear. What you’re really afraid of is the rejection!

elenor_roseveltWhen you decide to yell at your better half, child / children, someone on the road that just cut you off, your client, your colleague, your “boss”, or your local politician. Is this a choice? It sure is! Now, you might say it’s not a choice. I mean “Dan, that moron cut me off!” Yeah I get it, however, you still (albeit unconsciously) made a choice to flip them the bird, honk, and act like a crazy person while operating a motor vehicle. Starting to get through yet?

Now that this idea of choice has sunk in a bit. What choices do you make in every given second to get you closer to your goals, dreams, and desires? Are they positive choices or negative ones? That net choice you make, is it going to get you closer or further away from your goals? If your goal is to lose weight, is eating that super yummy snack is a good choice or a not so good choice?

With relation to your Logistics sales career, what are some good choices we can practice daily to help us attain the life we want? Further to that very important question, what do we have to do every day to keep our inspiration high?

First, before we get into the daily activities. You might be asking yourself, why I used the word inspiration instead of motivation. Well, let’s look at both Motivation and Inspiration very quickly.

Motivation: temporary, a force that you have to drive to maintain

Inspiration: A force that drives you to the desired result

If you had a choice! Would you rather have something that gets a hold of you and drives you to its completion? I know I sure would! This is what happens when you’re inspired by a great project, idea, or purpose. Here’re a few tips to help your daily inspiration come to life and generate the results you really want!

ROIWrite our your goals daily for 30 days

Do this every morning right when you wake up or before you start your day. This will keep your goals, desires, and dreams fresh in your mind. It will help you to consciously make choices that bring your goals closer to you.

Shift your perspective about challenging situations

This is a challenging idea for some people at the start. As you use this idea, it uses you. You will soon see that it’s actually fairly easy to find the gold nugget inside a challenge or adversity. When you look for the positive in every adversity, you usually find it. It is the people that never look for it that will never find it.

This shift is why some people will spend $10,000 to go to a week long seminar and change their lives. While someone else in that same seminar will at the end, say that it was a rip-off and all the host was trying to do was sell me something else or whatever another excuse they give themselves about why they can’t achieve their dreams.

Perspective shifts are awesome! They always share such vital information to help you get to that next level of creativity and passion.

Create an action plan

This is a really simple idea that is seemingly too simple. Let’s look at it like this. If your close ratio is 250 calls to a close. (hopefully, you know what your close ratio is, you do right?) In a week you are presently making 300 calls and each close is worth say $1500.00 in annual commission to you.

Armed with this critical information, you now know that if you only stick to your plan of making 300 calls a week, you’ll close an average of 4-5 clients a month. With each client giving you $1500.00 in annual commission, you now know that in month one, you’ll add in and around $18,262.80 in commission to your bottom line. Taking into account that you continue to close at a 250 call ratio landing 4 clients at a minimum a month, every month all year long.

keep_goingLet’s take this step a bit further as this is essential. Say you want to make $100,000.00 a year. What do you have to do? Well, you have two choices at this point. one is to up the call count and two would be to reduce the call to close ratio through continuing education, new approaches, new philosophies and so on. Better yet! Why not do both?


How do you do this?

You make an action plan for both your daily activities and education. Here’s my personal action plan.

Wake up every morning and write out my goals
ONLY listen to audio books, success cd’s/mp3’s on my way into work
Create new strategies monthly, try them and record what works and what doesn’t then combine the ones that work until I have mastered them.
Talk and think about the possibilities in every situation
NEVER hang up the phone with a prospect unless I learn something (I have a great process for this.. Connect with me if you want it)
Use choice as a magnet for success… Choice by choice, I choose to get closer to my dreams…. Consciously choose as much as possible.
Stay focused on the prize, the big dream to ensure my inspiration is using me
Practice seeing only the objective, all obstacles MUST give way.


In the ned, it’s up to you to achieve the success you want. Actually, I’ll rephrase that a bit for you. In the end, you will only receive the success you BELIEVE you can achieve.

Your sales coach, manager, company, friends, or family can only do so much for you. There is no success coach on the planet that can help you achieve the desires you have unless YOU WORK and continually strive to achieve the results YOU WANT. It does all boils down to this question…

Am I willing to do whatever it takes to achieve my goals, dream, and desires?

If your answer is YES and tomorrow you haven’t started writing out your goals. If yo have not created an action plan. My question is then…

Are you really committed to greatness??????

Joy to you in every precious moment!

Dan Deigan

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