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Welcome To Max V.T.S: Here's where I've come from and why I built Max V.T.S

You clicked here to find out a little more about me and what Max V.T.S. is right? “Well I have always considered myself somewhat of a psychic” Not really but thought I would start off with a little “Captain Obvious humour”. Here’s my story in the light that I now see it, a few years back, it would have been quite a bit different to say the least my friend!


My family and I (like you didn’t guess that already!)

In 1994 I got approached by a man that had done remarkably well for himself building a logistics firm in Montreal Quebec. When I awoke the next morning, I really never thought anything of the encounter, little did I know, it was the start to one of the many massive re-defining moments of my life.

Fast forward about three weeks and I found myself walking into his company completely overflowing with fear and anxiety. What had I just got myself into? I was a grunt worker in the construction industry and a high school drop out. How on earth could I be this remarkable sales person he said I could be.

Well, one thing is for sure, he knew something about me I had not seen at that point in my life.

As the months progressed, I found myself training with the best of the best in the company. Building relationships and finding a person inside of me that I never knew existed. I won sales competitions, got new clients, and even lost clients, had sales plummet, had sales skyrocket, and all of the rest of the challenges I believe all sales people face.

In the second quarter of 2002 I moved to Ontario and started working for an asset based organization that focused their entire business on value and service. They lived the idea every person on the planet should follow and that’s

You are a direct extension of your clients and suppliers and your clients MUST know that they’re important to you and your business!

Side Note: We all really should operate on this premiss more.  

Within three years of working with this company, we over tripled the fleet. We were blessed to work with some of the largest corporations in the world and developed so many truly exciting relationships I still enjoy today. As our relationships grew, so did the need to expand into the 3rd party world.

Just as most asset based partners today do, we opened a brokerage end of the company. Within three years we built this end of the company into another great exhibition of what adding multiple layers of value and synergy to everyone you meet does. We went from nothing to over nine million in sales.

These last decades of working in this remarkable industry, I have found myself in almost every position you could think of. max-v.t.s

  1. Sales
  2. Operations
  3. Loader / Shrink Wrapper
  4. Driver (only a few times!)
  5. Owner
  6. Office Cleaner
  7. Babysitter… Joking: Manager (come on now, sometimes it does feel like a high paying babysitting job!)
  8. Proofreader (not my best performance)
  9. Speaker
  10. Creator
  11. Marketing “guru” (loosely on the Guru idea my friend)
  12. Mechanic (well I worked closely with a few, does that count?)

In the end, I realized that all of this can be summarized in a very quick and effective title: Value & Solutions Architect 

When I sat down at the beginning of 2013 after getting fired from a position for the first time in my life (On my Birthday I might add!). I had some real tough questions to ask myself and sit with until the factual non ego centred answers presented themselves. If you’ve ever done this, you know that it could be a massive challenge.

Until that point, I had not realized the single most important way everyone we work with, associate with, live with, love, or even intersect with want to feel.

Everyone wants to know they are important to you. In business they want to know they are important to you your company, and your suppliers… PERIOD!

This is where things really flipped for me. I started looking back on all of the clients I had worked with and lost, all of the business relationships that I had had only to see them go, and all of the personal relationships I had that drifted away as time passed.

I found the single common thread in them all.

Clients: I found that from the get go, our core values were not aligned.

Service Partners: The core values of us as individuals and as corporations were not aligned

Friends: Once again, we had different core values and beliefs

Employees (Team Members): Same, same, same… Our core values and beliefs in the end didn’t align

Throughout my entire career that is now into it’s second decade in this industry. I realize that if I were to select my clients the way I select my employees, service providers, and friends… (form this point referred to as TEAM) my client turn over rate, or any other ROImeasuring stick you use to determine how much it costs you to start a relationship with a new client, would have been drastically reduced.

Since I have started in this industry, I have worked for only a few companies, I can tell you that this truly needs to be the primary focus of our industry.

It is very sad, however, time and time again I hear things like

I have to stay with the devil I know rather than the one I don’t

It’s truly a horrible way to have us portrayed. The fact is… Our industry is the lifeline of this place we ALL inhabit. Our industry is truly the most remarkable industry to be a part of. A good friend of mine said to me one day… “If you bought it, a truck brought it.”

That voice I’ve been hearing in the back of my head for the last 20 years has now become clear and is being brought to life.

Maximum Value Transportation Solutions is the result of two decades of believing there is a better more productive way to work together in our world. Through the integration of Personal Growth And Value Focused Initiatives (check out the resources page), I have found a connection.

This Connection is one that I believe we can no longer chose to avoid.

Our industry has changed over the years and now, we must be the change we wish to see.

Thank you for visiting Max V.T.S. Please look around, sign up for our announcements, free training reports and videos, The Four Pillars Of Personal Greatness, and of course our Four Pillars Of Transportation Lessons.

Joy to you in every precious moment!

Dan Degian

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